Cambium provides a comprehensive design service, advising on all aspects of interior landscaping, from the variety and use of containers, suitability of plants for specific environments or specialist advice as to most cost effective maintenance contract.

We will meet all your requirements for interior and exterior schemes, large or small, is our objective.

Please explore our website for information on our many product ranges.

Corporate Flowers


All our flowers and foliages are bought to order and we personally prepare them to ensure perfectly conditioned flowers, excellent quality and longevity of arrangements.

We also recommend that your floral decorations should reflect the changing seasons; this ensures the highest quality and freshness but also brings variety and interest to the decorations.

Our Buyer has a long trading history at Covent Garden giving us access to excellent wholesalers many of whom will directly source from expert growers on our behalf. This ensures the highest quality and best prices for our clients and ensures supply of the greatest variety of flowers and foliages.

To protect the English markets and in an effort to consider environment, organic and ethical issues we will choose locally grown English flowers and foliages whenever we can and when they are at their seasonal best.

Our prices include our usual weekly maintenance and tatting visit to ensure quality and freshness of blooms and water; to be agreed at a mutually convenient day and time.

Our floristry team start work from 3am at Covent Garden on a Monday morning, or work over the weekend, to ensure that all work is completed prior to normal office opening times. A maintenance visit is usually made during the week to check the quality of arrangements and to replace damaged or dying flowers and to check the clarity of water and top up or refresh as required. Spare vases, cleaning products etc are always to hand for installation and maintenance visits.

In addition we can provide event flowers and decoration for your clients and or for celebrations such as Christmas etc. Please contact us to discuss your additional requirements.

If you would like us to work for a trial month we would love the opportunity of working with you.

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